Why BBB.org Is One Of The Top Backlinks For Lawyers

The Better Business Bureau LogoThe Better Business Bureau is an established form of social proof and trust to consumers all over the United States.  On the web, trust and authority count for a lot when it comes to search rankings.

Getting a link from BBB.org is one of the best inbound links an attorney can have leading to his or her site.  Along with the SEO vote, there are many other benefits.

What Is the BBB?

Disclaimer:  If you’ve already heard of the BBB, feel free to skip ahead.  If you want to know more about it, read on.  The Better Business Bureau is a consumer advocacy agency that evaluates and rates all kinds of businesses on a scale between A-plus and F.

Consumers can also submit complaints to the agency.  The BBB enjoys such trust and authority because it is more than a century old and still focuses on building and maintaining trust in the marketplace.

Trust and Authority

You want inbound links from sites that are authoritative.  Google’s proprietary measurement of that authority is PageRank.  It used to be that PageRank was closely watched by SEOs; however, Google no longer updates the metric on a regular basis.

By using a tool like Ahrefs, however, we can see that BBB.org has a very high Domain Authority, which is mostly due to its high volume of referring domains.


To put that into perspective, Amazon.com’s Domain Rating is an 87, and WhiteHouse.gov’s Domain Rating is 76.  Both of these sites are considered extremely authoritative.


The fact that getting a link from BBB.org is relatively simple makes its DR82 highly attractive for local businesses.

It’s worth restating that Google does not regularly update PageRank anymore.  Site owners should rely on other metrics, such as Domain Authority (Moz) or Domain Rating (Ahrefs), to gauge how authoritative a domain is.

Map with pin symbolizing location citationLocal Citation Trusted by Google

In addition to a high DR link from BBB, attorneys will also enjoy a local citations in their BBB listings.

Local citations (or mentions of your business name, address, and phone number on another webpage) are great for enhanced exposure on the web.

Users looking for attorneys in their area are often interested in this information.

Increased Conversions and Social Proof

Links and exposure are all well and good, but an equally important benefit is social proof.  People want to trust that the businesses they interact with are reputable.

An accreditation from the BBB is a good way to accomplish that goal.  A business that achieves accreditation also gets a badge that can be embedded on its website.

How to Become Accredited

A business must apply for accreditation and meet the standards laid out by the BBB.  There are also fees involved for the review process and continued monitoring.

Attorneys and other businesses that join also must make a good-faith effort to respond to and resolve complaints brought forth by consumers.

The Better Business Bureau website has a ton of free and useful information on the benefits of joining as well as how to do it.

Are you or your firm an accredited BBB business?  How has it helped you firm in terms of SEO?

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