Top 3 Free Law Firm Directories

Attorney SEO is extremely competitive. A big part of ranking well for your search terms is obtaining links from other websites.

Links (or backlinks) from contextually relevant legal directories can help attorneys get exposure to consumers looking for legal services while earning high-quality links.

Free or low-cost directories should be carefully vetted for quality. Below are the top three free directories. They are important for lawyers to join because:

  1. They are trusted and well-known.
  2. They are authoritative.
  3. They can provide exposure to people looking for legal services.
  4. They are free.

1. AVVO (www.avvo.com1) – DR 73

Avvo for lawyers

AVVO is an excellent directory to be listed on because of its authority and trust among regular consumers.

People can set up an account on the site and search for legal services, ask questions about their personal legal situations, and choose legal services.

For lawyers, this is a great way to get new leads and stand out in the community as a helpful, authoritative thought leader.

AVVO can essentially be a platform for an attorney to magnify his or her audience.  It is also a good source for a link to an attorney website from his or her profile on the site.

For lawyers who do not yet have a strong search presence, AVVO can help get them get exposure in the SERPs because of its established domain authority.

For example, someone searching for an attorney by name may see the AVVO result appear among the first spots of organic rankings.


How To Do An AVVO Group Claim3

2. Justia (www.justia.com4) – DR 70

Justia LogoJustia was, at least for a time, the best-known name in SEO for attorneys.

Though it has more competition today than it did a decade ago, it still ranks as one of the most popular attorney directories and has a Domain Rating of 70.

In terms of links, this site has everything you could hope for, including highly curated content, forums for legal answers to help you to build up your online reputation, and features that help weed out spam to keep the website useful for users and lawyers alike.

This site also provides you with the ability to claim a profile similar to AVVO, though the ranking system is not quite as punitive to those who fail to make a claim.

While Justia may no longer be the highest-rated lawyer site on the web, it still provides an important legal SEO resource that should not be ignored.

3. Law Guru (Lawguru.com5) – DR 59

law-guruLaw Guru is a site started by attorneys to answer visitors’ legal questions. It was founded in the 1990s and has evolved into a robust and authoritative free directory.

Visitors can come to the site and ask free legal questions of the community, so, like Justia and AVVO, it’s a good site for a lawyer to build up his or her image.

The Attorney Network that Law Guru provides is also valuable. It has over 7,000 members nationwide and allows lawyers to collaborate with one another.

Law Guru is also a good place to get a link and has a relatively high Domain Rating.


If you are looking for more directories, here is an updated listed of some of the top directories lawyers can submit to:

A Note on Paid (and Unpaid) Directories

Directories can be a good source of links, but lawyers should be careful about where they submit their sites. High-quality directories are few and far between. There are lots of low-quality directories that spring up all the time.

These sites are easy to identify because it is easy to be included in them. The old adage “if it’s too good to be true, it probably is” applies here.

If it is easy to pay to get listed and to manipulate all the settings for pointing a link at your site, it may not be worth doing it.

At the very least, Google may ignore the link ,and at the worst, you may get demoted in search for having too many of those kinds of links.

Google released a webmaster video on the topic in 2011. Although the video is dated, it still provides some good advice on finding high-quality directories to be listed on.


If you don’t know whether a directory is high-quality, check out the Domain Rating of the page (on Ahrefs). See if competitors are listed there, or run it through Google’s malware checker7. If getting included seems super easy, you may want to skip listing your site there.


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