TOP 100 Law Firm Directories (2018) – Attorney SEO Directories Ultimate List

***As of January 2018, Ahrefs has re-worked how their DR (Domain Rating) metric is calculated.  Our initial evaluation of that change is that DR metrics are still fluctuating.
Another thing is that there aren’t actually 100 directories in this list (please don’t hate us there’s only 72).  What happened is that we vetted this list to only include directories that achieved a DR20 or more. 
Before the change described above to Ahref’s scale, all of the directories in our prior list met that criteria. 
We’ll continually update this list as we find more reputable directories.  Feel free to leave any suggestions in the comments for legal directories that are DR20+ we can add to this list.


Benefits of Joining Legal Directories

Submitting your site to directories is an important strategy to pursue.  

Directories are very low-hanging fruit when it comes to building links and the best ones provide numerous other benefits that can help generate leads for your firm.

  • Legal directories offer an extremely easy, effective, and affordable way for attorneys and law firms to advertise on the internet and promote their brands.
  • Good directories provide the ability for attorneys to build their authority in their practice area by answering visitor legal questions.
  • Some platforms allow you to earn reviews which can help lawyers stand out in search results with star ratings.
  • There is the potential to earn badges that can be placed on an attorney website to build social proof.
  • Some directories even allow lawyers to submit guest content which offers its own benefits for marketing a law firm in search.

As an attorney, you already realize the importance of promoting your practice to get your website in front of the right crowd. That’s where law firm directories come in handy!

And guess what. Your audience is already waiting for you; you just have to let them know you exist.

A legal directory specializes in bringing those people to attorneys like you. Moreover, when other sites link back to yours, you’ll improve your Google search engine rankings, which translates to more free residual traffic.  Google states that links are one of the top three ranking factors in search which makes getting links from high-quality directories a sensible goal to pursue.

The best part is that a lot of these directories are free or inexpensive to join.

Premium law directories usually provide extra exposure on their sites and other benefits free members cannot access unless they become paid members.

How Is this List Different from Other Law Firm Directories?

Unlike many other websites or blogs that rank or display legal directories, our law firm directories list isn’t randomly picked but manually curated. Plus, it is an interactive list, which means you can select directories you want to submit to based on price or niche.

We always like to point out that if you are following a list of sites put together by another site owner or SEO agency, do your home work on the sites they recommend.  Make sure sites have a high Domain Rating, that they look helpful, and that they do not appear spammy or low-quality.

We listed sites with the highest domain ratings per Ahrefs at the top because they’re more authoritative and backlinks from those sites are of greater SEO value.

The Elephant in the Room

The title of this post reads in part ‘Top 100 Directories’ and like we pointed out above, there obviously aren’t 100.

Allow us to explain…

We go through this list multiple times per year to make sure it is as accurate and up-to-date as possible. Early in 2018 we did an audit and realized that many of the sites listed were no longer DR20+ (largely because of the shakeup in Ahrefs analysis practices).

Because of that, many sites had to be dropped because we only want to promote the most authoritative sites on the internet for attorneys to join.

So if you notice we are a little short, that’s why. If you see anything else that’s wrong, please email us to report it (e.g. dead links, price changes, no longer free, redirection, etc.) and we’ll replace/remove them.

Who are These Directories for?

Whether you’re a family law attorney or a personal injury lawyer or you practice admiralty and maritime law or focus on consumer protection issues, most of these directories already have a category just for you and sometimes more than one.

While the focus is on U.S. law firm directories, we also made sure to mention a few Canadian legal directories we have found.

This legal directories list will continue to expand as our research continues.

TOP 100 Law Firm Directories (2018) – Interactive Chart

Lawyer DirectoriesDomain URLAhrefs DRPrice
Lawyers Law
MartindaleMartindale.com87Quote$1125 per/year
(PI, Bank, Criminal),
$750 (Family)
Mediate.comMediate.com79Premium membership (Up to 8 ADR directories) $36/mo or $360/yr$195 per/year
(not including our
reseller discount)
LawInfoLawinfo.com75$40 per/month
profile link
Lawyer.comlawyer.com74$99 per/month
(article submissions
stay live after
LeadcounselLeadcounsel.org73Free$100 lifetime
LawcentralLawyercentral.com67Free$199 per year
FindaCriminalDefenseAttorneyFindacriminaldefenseattorney.com59$32.95 per/month
NAPILNapil.com58Accept payment
by check only
& price varies
Find a Personal Injury AttorneyFindapersonalinjuryattorney.com55$49.95 per/month
State LawyersStatelawyers.com53$50 per month
My Attorney
American Trial Attorneys (ATA)Americantrialattorneys.org50$150/year -
(depending on niche)
DivorceHQDivorcehq.com49$99 - $149 per year
FindaDUIAttorneyFindaduiattorney.com48$29.95 per/month
Law Firm DirectoryLawfirmdirectory.org46$199 per/year
PersonalInjuryPersonalinjury.com42$50 per month
LegalReachLegalreach.com39$40 per year
Halt.orgHalt.org36Free Listing or $25 for premium listing
Best$4.99 / month (Basic)
Global Law FirmsGloballawfirms.org33$199 per year
Attorney FindAttorneyfind.com33$200*
EnjurisEnjuris.com33$100 per/year
Criminal Defense$280 for 2 years
Lawyrs (Business)Lawyrs.net30Free
AttorneyUSAttorneys.us29$50 per year
iLawyerSourceLawyersreviewed.com27$69 per year
Find a Car Accident AttorneyFindacaraccidentattorney.com26$49.95 per month$49.95 per/month
Best Attorneys OnlineBestattorneysonline.com25Free
Family Law RightsFamilylawrights.net25Quote

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