TOP 100 Law Firm Directories (2018) – Attorney SEO Directories Ultimate List

***As of January 2018, Ahrefs has re-worked how their DR (Domain Rating) metric is calculated.  Our initial evaluation of that change is that DR metrics are still fluctuating. We have replaced them with DA (Domain Authority) for the time being and we will update this post as new information becomes available. 
Note that submitting to directories and building citations are important law firm SEO strategies to pursue.  These are mentions of your firm name on other websites.  Building out hundreds of these listings is a powerful search signal however it can be very time consuming.

Legal directories offer an extremely easy, effective, and affordable way for attorneys and law firms to advertise on the internet and promote their brands.

As an attorney, you already realize the importance of promoting your practice to get your website in front of the right crowd. That’s where law firm directories come in handy!

And guess what. Your audience is already waiting for you; you just have to let them know you exist.

A legal directory specializes in bringing those people to attorneys like you. Moreover, when other sites link back to yours, you’ll improve your Google search engine rankings, which translates to more free residual traffic.  Google states that links are one of the top three ranking factors in search making link building for lawyers a sensible goal to pursue.

If SEO is important to your practice and law firm, then you need to know that most law directories are FREE to use, while others require monthly or yearly fees.

Premium law directories usually provide extra exposure on their sites and other benefits free members cannot access unless they become paid members.

How Is this List Different from Other Law Firm Directories?

Unlike many other websites or blogs that rank or display legal directories, our law firm directories list isn’t randomly picked but manually curated. Plus, it is an interactive list, which means you can select directories you want to submit to based on price or niche.

We always like to point out that if you are following a list of sites put together by another site owner or SEO agency, do your home work on the sites they recommend.  Make sure sites have a high Domain Rating, that they look helpful, and that they do not appear spammy or low-quality.

We listed sites with the highest domain ratings per Ahrefs at the top because they’re more authoritative and backlinks from those sites are of greater SEO value.

With more than 100 unique law directories submission links listed, we made sure all inclusions were active and valid at the time. Please email us to report dead links, and we’ll replace them.

Whether you’re a family law attorney or a personal injury lawyer or you practice admiralty and maritime law or focus on consumer protection issues, most of these directories already have a category just for you and sometimes more than one.

While the focus is on U.S. law firm directories, we also made sure to mention a few Canadian legal directories we have found.

This legal directories list will continue to expand as our research continues.

TOP 100 Law Firm Directories (2018) – Interactive Chart

Justia78free. requires fax with bar
HG.org69$195 per/year (not including our reseller discount)
Mediate68Premium Membership (Up to 8 ADR Directories) $36/mo or $360/
LawInfo63$40 per/month profile
JustGreatLawyers57$199 per
Lawyer.com51$99 per/month (article submissions stay live after cancelation)
LawLink43free. requires years of school & bar
Law List
State Lawyers41$50 per
NAPIL39Accept payment by check only & price
Enjuris38Free basic listing
$100/year for sponsored ($200/year for listing with territory protection)
and must contact for premium.
Enjuris38$100 per/
Lawyercentral37free. pic & bar #
Lawyer Legion37free. requires bar
Attorney Find37$200*
Firm Directory
36$199 per/
Global Law Firms35$199 per
DivorceHQ34$99 - $149 per
PersonalInjury34$50 per
Good Lawyers
32$25 per
LawyerLocate31$90 per
Best Esq31$4.99 / month (Basic)Best Esq
Find a


Defense Attorney
30$32.95 per/month (Standard)
Mibn30$9 per
Cleargrid28$219 per
My Legal
Best Attorneys
Find a Personal
Injury Attorney
27$49.95 per/
Attorneys (ATA)
27$150/year - $350/year (depending on niche)
Injury Attorneys
Find a
DUI Attorney
26$29.95 per/month (Standard)
Web Finder
Me A Lawyer
LawFirm-Directory24$250 per
Law Services
24$9.95 per
Personal Injury
USA Lawyers
Attorney Lawyer Directory23$120 per
AttorneyUS22$50 per
DirectoryLegal21$99 per/
Deep Link
Law Directory
LawDirectory20$169 per
Law Rights
LawyerProfiles19$23.99 per
AttorneyTribe19$59 per
Attorney Dir
18$19.97 per
Lawyer Link Bid17$
Lawyer Dir
16$19.97 per
Find a Car
Accident Attorney
15$49.95 per
iLawyerSource15$69 per
Yellow Pages
law directory
Find A
Law Firm
14$39 per
13$50 per
A Local Attorney13$99 per
Family Law
Attorney Dir
13$19.97 per
LegalReach1$40 per yearLegalReach

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P.S. Do you know other free lawyer directories or premium legal directories you would like to recommend? If so, please contact us here.

You can speed up the submission to many of these directories by using  Bright Local to manage your firm information on hundreds of sites at once.
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  • Lisa Banks

    Hi Chris, wow, what a mega list! Nice work. And thanks for including Enjuris! I wanted to let your readers know we have a free version available at Enjuris, too, which does include a high-value link.

    We are a fairly new niche directory especially for personal injury lawyers.

    And lastly, I hope you plan to update this list periodically, as we are “movin’ on up” – we’ve been busy building out our consumer facing content and we also offer members some great features like exclusive territories, guest blogging, the chance to be quoted in articles our editors write for media outlets, among others. Stop by and say hi soon!

    • Lisa Banks

      Also wanted to include that you can find more on what we offer for lawyers here:

    • Hey Lisa,

      Thanks so much for the kind words! Yes we definitely update this list on a regular basis to reflect changes in Domain Rating, pricing for paid directories and other changes. Keep up the great work with Enjuris and thanks for the comment!


      Matthew Laurin
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    • Scott Griner

      Heading to Enjuris to create a free listing now, thanks!

      • Hi Scott, welcome to Enjuris, and thanks for letting me know!

        • Scott Griner

          Thank you! I do have one request! Can you make the links on the free profile actual hypertext? The link provided is only a text, with no actual anchor text value.

          THANK YOU! 🙂

          • Hi Scott – I will check into this… I believe the backend and pricing are being worked on – I will be back with an update!

          • Scott Griner


          • Lisa Banks

            Hi Scott, I just wanted to get back to you. I don’t believe the live link is available for free any more, though there is still a free basic listing available.

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  • The Conservative x9

    There is a new Legal Directory for Criminal Defense Lawyers going live in the next 3 weeks. I hesitate to call it a directory, because unlike most directory’s out there gives you a page per practice, instead of just a single page for everything.

    On top of that you can plugging into the system for Chat, Talking Heads, Click to call and 3rd party features.. All at a fairly reasonable price. Additionally, you can also get a vanity URL such as this.

    http:// which go to the real page

    The data of the site is sample data, but at least it can give you a taste of what the site can / will do.


    • Thanks for the share! Sounds like a great opportunity to get some extra exposure.

  • Alex Uria

    This is an excellent list which I can use for links building and improving the ranking for my attorney clients, there is one attorney directory which is in Spanish that we are launching and allows free attorney profiles including their website link, phone number and social media, it’s

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    Just wondering why and are not on your list? I know these are brand new sites, but I see the power they already have for ranking attorneys well. Thanks!

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    Thanks for an excellent law firm directories list. This list has proved essential as a part of link building activity. It has helped in improving the ranking of our law firm and promoting our copyrights registration services as well.

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  • Vanendra Kumar

    Thanks sir for such an informative post…

    • Matthew Laurin

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      Thanks so much for the suggestion. Unfortunately we are only adding directories that have at least a DR20. Once yours increases feel free to hit us up again and we will add it right away.


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  • Find US Lawyers Directory

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    This is a great list, Could you please add my Lawyers Directory

    Daniel Tan

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      It looks like is shaping up to be a great directory however we are only adding sites that have a Domain Rating of 20 or higher to our top directories post. Looks like Find US Lawyers is at a DR18 right now. So close! Keep up the great work in promoting it and once you get it to DR20 we will add it to the list above.


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  • Hey Guys! I also recently hire a legal firm in NYC for estate planning from Lawyerland. It is also a lawyer directory where I found hundred of top rated lawyers and attorneys of 2017 who have high experience. Feel very relaxed after hiring.

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