Local SEO for Defense Lawyers

Defense law firms face an incredible amount of competition in local search.  With a client base that are heavy search users, criminal defense attorneys have an enormous opportunity to get leads from local SEO1.

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Elements like citations, local business listings, local directories, links from local business organizations like the BBB2, and location-specific pages are all critical for success in local search.

Here is a beginner’s guide for defense lawyers on local SEO.

On-Site Optimization for Defense Lawyers

  • Target Geo-specific Keyword Phrases – Include these location keywords in the title tag, meta description, and content of your website.

    If you have multiple locations you wish to target3, create an exclusive location -specific page to target that phrase.

  • Site-wide Name, Address and Phone Number – Include your firm’s name, address and phone number on every page of your website. Ideal positions include the sidebar and footer.
  • Embed a Map – Go to Google Maps, and get an HTML code to embed to your website.
  • Create a Geo-sitemap – Go to http://www.geositemapgenerator.com4 and create a Geo sitemap and KML file.

For more detailed information about proper Local SEO onsite optimization visit this link:

Off-Site Optimization for Defense Lawyers

After you have optimized your law firm’s website for Local SEO, the next step is to list your firm in local search directories. Below is a list of the top ten local directories and top five local law firm directories.

Top 10 Local Directories:

1. Google My Business (GMB)6
2. Yelp7
3. Bing Local8
4. Yahoo Local9
5. Facebook10
6. Merchant Circle11
7. Supermedia12
8. Foursquare13
9. Yellow Pages14
10. Manta15

Top 4 Free Local Law Firm Directories:

1. HG.org16
2. eLocalLawyers17
3. Justia18
4. Avvo19


Reviews for criminal defense attorneys are not the easiest to get.  In fact lawyers may have a very hard time getting reviews from their clients.  After all, people don’t always want their legal issues made public online.

Reviews play a major role in local search. The best reviews contain geographic keywords in the review itself. On Google+ Local, you may respond to each individual review.

Use keywords in your response, but make sure the response flows naturally and does not appear to be keyword-stuffing.

How To Get Reviews

  • Follow-up Emails – Include a link to your local pages in every e-mail follow-up correspondence.
  • Ask clients – Face-to-face requests are often the best converting.  Again it can be difficult to get these from clients but it doesn’t hurt to try.
  • Ask peers – The best thing defense lawyers can do is look to their peers for reviews on Google.  There is no rule against getting reviews from colleagues or peers as long as you are transparent about it.

    Peer reviews can be beneficial for specializations that do not prefer public results for cases. Peer reviews are great for bankruptcy and criminal defense attorneys.



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